so of course I need to make a super dumb emo post about brand new eyes being released 5 whole years ago so ok here I go

I just can’t believe 2009 was 5 years ago. I was such a lost little kid back then and I honestly think that this album helped shape who I am and the opinions I have and the way I make decisions and I know that sounds pretty ridiculous but it’s true. I really believe that without this album I’d be a completely different person and I get how crazy that sounds but it’s okay because these songs hurt my heart in the best way possible and every time I listen to them my heart is filled with both nostalgia and a sadness at how lost I was back then.
this was the first ever paramore record cycle that I ever completely followed because I got into them in 2008 and riot and awkif were already out by then and I just remember every single little announcement about it being the most exciting thing in the world because I felt like paramore were one of the only things that made me happy back then. I remember counting down the days and it felt like christmas and I remember me and suephaa standing in hmv and listening to basically the whole thing in the shop because they were playing it all and I’d never loved an album the way I loved bne before then.
another thing I remember so well about it was getting the deluxe version with hayley’s journal from the recording/writing process with all her little doodles and commentaries on the lyrics she’d written out and I’d read through it and feel a little less lost every single time I did. I’d never known anything to be as close to what was in my heart than that and from then on everything started to make a little more sense. I really started to believe that I mattered I guess. so yeah basically, I did so much growing up during the brand new eyes era and I owe a lot to that album.

happy 5 years, brand new eyes!!!

5 years of Brand New Eyes.


5 years of Brand New Eyes!


bne era

you can’t be too careful anymore, when all that is waiting for you won’t come any closer, you’ve got to reach out a little more

whenever I see pictures from this era I get so nostalgic. this time was so important to me

itsjustmich hey dude yeah so now it’s sussex, birmingham, liverpool, kent and leeds. was torn between leeds and royal holloway but then I remembered I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere near smelly rob soooo…. :) :) :)

so today was a good day and I feel like I talk about bad days a lot but it’s important to talk about good days too!!!
like it was cold this morning so I got to walk to my car in the cold and wear boots and it was great and I listened to lorde in my car on the way to school and I just love driving it’s the BEST and I put in my 5 university choices into my application FINALLY and I was in music class and we were studying this piece and I was just thinking like…. oh man this is so COOL I LOVE THIS I am so ready to dedicate the next 3 years of my life to this YEAH and then I got to go home early and chilled out and watched a movie and then went to work which was lovely and the children are all so lovely and so OK YEAH GOOD DAY


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you should find someone that makes you feel like that moment in concerts when the artist enters the stage


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Cats in some motherfuckin scarves I know it’s fall now

paradaylight this made me think of you and I have no idea why 😂😂
Yeah dude it’s because cats and scarves are two of my fave things ever